Friday, August 21, 2009

Worst. Road Trip Blog Names. Ever.

Much like last year, Jeff and I had problems coming up with a name for Jeff/Jon Road Trip Blog 2009. We also had problems deciding where we would go and what we would do on said road trip.

Eventually, after much discussion, we settled on doing a road trip from our homes back east to Washington, DC then onwards to Tennessee (to see Graceland, Memphis, and Nashville). We then attempted to brainstorm road trip blog names. None of them were any good, but they did include:

"InDC Proposal"

"Back To The Road Trip"

"The Road Trip Strikes Back"

"New Adventures of Old Road Trips"

There was a whole batch of ill-advised Carjoy-inspired titles that didn't go over well with anyone, including:

"United States of Carjoy"

"Ode to Carjoy"

"Carjoyer: Road Trip Harder"

"Carjoyer: Sounds Good to Us!"

Since this was technically the Fifth Road Trip blog we've been involved in, we also pondered:

"Fifth Element Road Trip"

"Number Five Is Alive And On A Road Trip"

"Are You Smarter than the Fifth Road Trip?"

"Pleading the Fifth Road Trip"

"A Fifth of Road Trip"

Days later, Jeff realized that Dollywood was a thing that could happen on the way to Memphis/Nashville. It wasn't until my older sister, Rachel, remembered that Dollywood was located in Tennessee that I came to realize that Dollywood was a thing that could happen too.

(Jeff had wanted to surprise me, but I'm pretty sure I would have figured it out at some point before we got there. I mean, it's Dollywood...who hasn't dreamed of seeing "Dolly's Home on Wheels" or getting wet on "The Mountain Slidewinder"?)

The realization that Dollywood could happen opened up a whole world of new ideas for the name of Road Trip Blog 2009. They were even worse than the ones we originally came up with. They included:

"Dolly Cartin'"

"Rhinestone Carjoy"

"9 to Tennessee"

In the end, we settled on "Country Fried Road Trip." It was simple, delicious, and it inspired Jeff to create this...

As well as this...

So now, I can confidently say without any hesitation that we made the right decision.

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