Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day One : Dover, Delaware to Washington, DC

Mile 0 - We're on our way! Bye Mama Ru! Bye Papa Ru! Thanks for everything!

Mile .10 - Bye Dover! Hello Camden-Wyoming!

Mile .24 - And we've stopped already. At a NO BRAND gas station. Someone isn't very brand loyal. Clearly.

Mile 12.1 - Bookie's GPS refuses to detect Washington, DC. Either it hates us or Washington, DC or both. We're going with "both."

Mile 13.8 - We're in Felton! It's a place! Jon says something about how "It's a good thing we don't have any FELT ON us." It may be the worst thing he has ever said.

Mile 14.8 - We're in Maryland! Dela-Where? Exactly.

Mile 23.8 - We missed the turn at Baltimore Corner! We are already a disaster. OfCourseWeAre.

Mile 43.1 - We just got word that there is a flash flood warning in the DC area! AHHHHhh! We may perish! (Thanks for the heads up Rasheed!)

Mile 46.9 - Jeff wants to go throw a "Hissy Fit" on "Hissey Road." Jon doesn't. We don't stop.

Mile 51.2 - Jeff mistakes a tiny 2-second bridge for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. A bridge he has driven on before. Did I mention that he is doing the driving? Jon worries that he really will perish.

Mile 53.4 - Stupid Cracker Barrel! Jeff loves it there. Jon doesn't. We don't stop.

Mile 56.4 - Now we are on the real Bay Bridge, Jeff.

Mile 58.2 - We are still on the real Bay Bridge, Jeff.

Mile 64.3 - It's the Naval Academy. Jeff wants to go to there. For the hot boys. Not for the history of the place. Or the military training.

Mile 86.2 - Thunder and Lightning nears kills us.

Mile 86.2 - It turns out that of the 30 Elvis #1 hits...a lot of them are good and a lot of them are not so good, especially track 18 ("Surrender"). It is kind of terrible.

Mile 91.6 - We're in DC! It's very exciting!

Mile 93.5 - Okie Street! Jeff informs Jon that his mother's first boyfriend was named "Okie." It's a shame his mother didn't marry "Okie," because then Jeff could have been "Junior Okie"!

Mile 96.4 - And we're lost-ish.

Mile 96.5 - And we're back on track!

Mile 97.1 - We're arrived at the Hotel Helix! It's really verynice.


  1. This is possibly the funniest thing ever.. except for the newer blog than this one.. you're laying a lot of big blogs... can I keep up?

    N & I have discussed with you (jeff) the personality disorder that the Garmin Nuvi suffers from before. It is a stubborn, bloody minded illogical whiney ignorant bitch, and as long as you remember to argue with her plenty, tell her her bottom looks huge because of that sandy weighty thingy and remember she is programmed with the personality of a government unemployment benefits administrator, you will all get along just fine.. oh.. and call her Mom a lot.. it pisses her off

  2. I just want to say that I might not read about VA because I saw the pics and I am scared, I have to figure out a way to avoid that post.

    P.S. I love Cracker Barrel too!