Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day Four, Part One: Pigeon Forge, TN to Nashville, TN

Mile 610.5 - We're lost before we've even started.

Mile 612.0 - And now we are really on our way to the Salt and Pepper Museum.

Mile 615.4 - Leaving Pigeon Forge! Seeya shortly!

Mile 617.8 - Jeff refuses to watch for falling rocks.

Mile 618.6 - We are entering Gatlinburg!

Mile 619.7 - How can we be on both 321 North and 441 South at the same time?

Tennessee is very confusing.

Mile 621.2 - We've made it the Salt and Pepper Museum! It's the only one in the world!

Mile 621.3 - We're off once again!

Mile 621.4 - And we've stopped at "Coffee & Company" to blog for a bit. They tell us that we can only be connected to their internet for an hour and that there are no "plug-ins." We stay for two hours. Jeff almost gets stung by a bee. It's kind of terrible here.

Mile 624.8 - Tunnel!

Mile 630.2 - Hi Pigeon Forge! Again!

Mile 636.4 - Bye Pigeon Forge! Again!

Mile 637.2 - Jon starts discussing dinner possibilities in Nashville. "We can a Meat & Three. It's just meat...and three." Jeff is confused and amused.

Mile 638.5 - Some store is flying the Stars & Bars on their flagpole. Ugh. We definitely don't stop.

Mile 670.8 - Papermill Drive is NO Purple Peppermill!

We don't stop.

Mile 709.2 - Jon wakes up from his nap. Apparently, he's missed nothing and everything at once.

Mile 714.0 - Did we just drive into Central time? Did that just happen? Did we gain an hour? Do we win?

Mile 715.2 - Jon confirms that we did just drive into Central Time. We win!

Mile 732.3 - Jeff and Jon stop at McDonald's for a bathroom break and coffee at McCafe. Coffee continues to be just terrible Tennessee.

Mile 732.31 - Why are bologna biscuits a thing?

Mile 803.1 - We pass by a girl in a car that is going to a Jonas Brothers concert. How can we tell? Just look at her car...

...the message reads "Maria on the way to JB." (JB = Jonas Brothers) On the side car window there is another painting; it reads "Go Jonas!" (A little bit of online research reveals that the Jonas Brothers are playing Nashville tonight.)

Jeff thinks that the girl in the car looked "a little too handsome" and "a little too softball-y" to be going to a Jonas Brothers concert. Jon points out that even if the girl was a lesbian, she could still like the Jonas Brothers...but then he realizes how lame that sounds, because the Jonas Brothers are no Hanson.

Mile 813.4 - Liquor World! Jeff wants to go to there.

Mile 841.4 - Is that a Driving Ms. Daisy Shuttle?

Mile 841.6
- Yes.

Yes it is a Driving Ms. Daisy Shuttle.

Mile 844.9 - Demonbreun Street! Jeff is frightened.

Mile 846.1 - The Nashville dinner destination, Arnold's, is closed. Jeff and Jon regroup.

Mile 847.1 - There must be an explanation behind the sculpture in Buddy Killen Circle, but we're not sure it's ever going to top the one that Jon made up in his head.

Mile 847.2 - Buddy Killen Circle nearly kills us when it tries to push us onto Demonbreun Street. Jeff and Jon fight back.

Mile 847.8 - We turn onto West End Avenue. Jeff declares that we are "West End Girls" now. Jon declares that Jeff is an idiot.

Mile 851.3 - Dinnertime at Sylvan Park Restaurant! It's a Meat and Three!

Time to go on a break and eat some Chess Pie! (Not Cheese Pie, CHESS PIE. Really.)

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  1. Q. "How can we be on the 321 North and 441 South at the same time?"
    A. It depends which way you are facing obviously! ;)

    "Jeff almost gets stung by a bee" = a flying insect flew fairly near Jeff

    "Jeff is confused and amused" = situation normal

    Food colouring in table sugar... WHY?

    Chess Pie... elucidate?