Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hotel Helix: A Photo Essay

This morning, Jon and I left Washington DC behind. It was a hell of a stay--made extra special by the fabulously groovy Hotel Helix. Please join me for a stunning visual presentation of this hotel, won't you?

Jon and the pink awning that attracted him to this hotel in the first place.

This chair outside the hotel was regular-sized; I was just very tiny at that moment.

The constantly-changing light-up tic-tac-toe board in the lobby. I'm not sure why no one was playing.

The stunning carpet that lines the hallways. I'm not sure why no one was throwing up.

The leopard-print robes and undergarments in our hotel room closet. I'm not sure why no one was wearing these.

The surfer on our wall.

The Austin-Powers inspired curtain.

The Mini-Bar--featuring Pez!

The weird bulbous mirror--featuring idiots!
The bright red lampshade!

And, finally, allow me to present the series of photographs that dot the corridors of the hotel--as interpreted by Jon & myself:

Goodbye, Hotel Helix!

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  1. OK I love everything about the hotel! PEZ!! how thoughtful! LOL.. The robes, the carpet, the curtains were uh, unusual and the photos look like really cruddy clip-art library stock... and indeed might be. Wow, whoever did that place has a sense of humour!