Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day Two : Washington, DC to Roanoke, VA

Mile 98.2 - Back on the road...it's time to see Virginia! In case you hadn't heard, it's for lovers. So Jeff is veryexcited to be reunited with Jesse.

Mile 98.3 - And we're stuck in traffic at Dupont Circle! Jeff wants to know why the "Fruit Loop" is "full of crap" instead of delicious berries and bananas. Jon doesn't have an answer for him.

Mile 98.5 - Boys in Togas are a thing that happening in the center of Dupont Circle, because...uh...why not?

Mile 99.7 - Jon almost perishes in the middle of the streets of Georgetown when he runs to the trunk to retrieve the snacks and the maps.

Mile 100.8 - The Key Bridge! Bye Georgetown and the rest of DC! Bye Hotel Helix! Bye Spy Museum! Bye Segways!

Mile 100.9 - We're lost in Virginia and we've only been here for thirty seconds.

Mile 101.8 - Back on track!

Mile 102.1 - Jeff does some bit about "getting out kicks on Route 66," since we are currently on Route 66. Jon isn't amused and wonders just how many miles it is to Roanoke.

Mile 112.7 - Jeff doesn't want to "do the Helen Keller" (and talk with his hips. Neither does Jon for that matter, but it still doesn't stop him from singing every word to this terrible terrible song.

Mile 116.5 - We pass a sign that announces National Firearms Museum. With a worried look on his face, Jon declares, "And we're in the South."

Mile 132.6 - Berger Cookie Break Time!

(Berger cookies are fudge-on-top-of-a-soft-cookie cookies. They are only made in Baltimore and were purchased for the road trip by Mama and Papa Ru. Thanks guys!)

Mile 133.7 - And we're stuck in traffic once again.

Mile 137.9 - Jeff has his first cowboy sighting of the road trip. We're pretty sure it won't be his last.

Mile 142.7 - Jeff looks out the car and exclaims, "Oooh a ray of sunshine!" Jon says, "Well, Sunday is a day for sun rays." Jeff still doesn't know what this means and he never wants to figure it out, because then he'll have to join Jon in Comedy Jail.

Mile 188.7 - Dolly drives us crazy! Just like the Fine Young Cannibals did so many years ago.

Mile 195.7 - We're going to see the Shenandoah Caverns and An American Celebration on Parade!

Jeff is very excited. Jon remains skeptical and aloof because he's been to the Luray Caverns. The Luray Caverns are just a few minutes away from the Shenandoah Caverns AND they are "the largest and most popular caverns on the east coast. Once you've seen Luray, no other cavern will do really." Or at least that's what Jon thinks one would think if they cared about the size of caverns.

Mile 208.0 - And we've arrived at the Shenandoah Caverns/An American Celebration on Parade.

We haven't even gotten out of the car yet and we're already terrified.

Mile 208.1 - Thank god that disaster is over. We can't get away from the scary scary parade floats fast enough.

Mile 214.0 - Dinner at Southern Kitchen Restaurant in New Market, VA! It was filled with Iceberg lettuce dinner salads, Fried Chicken, and stewed tomatoes.


Mile 237.4 - Virginia smells like horse manure. For at least three miles.

Mile 251.9 - Pit stop. Jon gasses up the car and Jeff gasses up himself with Dunkin' Donuts Coffee.

Mile 275.5 - It's time a "Sophisticated Side Ponytail" Sing-A-Long!

Do you like my ponytail?


My sideways ponytail?


Mile 301.0 - Jon asks Jeff if he knows what spelunkers and lesbians have in common. Jeff doesn't know. Jon explains that "they both like diving into caverns." Jeff put Jon on Death Row in Comedy Jail.

Mile 311.4 - We're in Arcadia! We're Amber Tamblyn?

Mile 319.6 - Amish Oatmeal Whooppie Pie Break!

Mile 331.6 - Jeff and Jon call each other jerks, but only because they are singing this terrible/amazing rap song.

Mile 338.0 - And we've arrived at our destination for the evening -- Roanoke. We're going to try not to become "lost" like that colony tonight. Wish us luck!

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  1. I'm voting for the Berger's cookies as I cant imagine the Amish making whoopee pies.. that just sounds kinky
    Me want cookie! :-(